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Alicia, my Character. by Gabriel-loki Alicia, my Character. by Gabriel-loki
Alicia: Background
Born and Raised on Hawaii in the 31st Century, Alicia helped the Legion of Superheroes when Batman was dragged to that era (The Legion still doesn't know how) as he was getting the crap beaten out of him by Bane. When Batman's service had been fulfilled, as with Superman's, they were sent back to the past, though Alicia volunteered to go with Batman back to Gotham because of her fascination of the 21st Century. However, the Legion erased his time in the 31st century from his mind and dropped him off to only get the crap beaten out of him again. Though this time Alicia appeared as a cloaked and hooded figure in black. As Bane had turned to leave she had arrived and grabbed Batman, jumping up and flying to the rooftop. Nearly out cold Batman thought this to be his delirious state and yet still called for Alfred, because who would save the Batman? Now she has taken on Batman's look and fought crime in his place, all while he recovers from his broken bones, though as soon as Batman recovers he tracks Alicia down and corners her. Thus leading to these comics...

First: [link]
Second: [link]
Third: [link]
Fourth: [link]

(This backstory all of my own making and invention :) :P)

Ancestor of Note: The Martian Manhunter
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Orangish-Red
Height 5'6"

(Episode of the Batman including Bane here: [link] Unfortunately it is not the full thing...couldnt find it for some reason...
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